Stripe for PaymentsI’m a big fan of Stripe for payment processing! In fact, for Opencart stores, I recommend it over any other processor including and Paypal. Why? Here are a few of the benefits…

  1. No monthly fee! If you sell nothing in a month… you pay nothing. It’s great for mom and pop shops and start-ups lean on cash!
  2. You can do all payment processing right on your site. No need to send customers to another company website to process a payment.
  3. Stripe is rock solid! There are some huge names behind Stripe including the guys who founded Paypal, Peter Thiel and Elon Musk (yeah, the guy behind Tesla and SpaceX).
  4. Stripe is easy to use both on the developer side and on the user side. It has an exquisitely designed user interface that is just about as simple as you could hope for!
  5. Easily connects to your existing bank account. You don’t need to setup a separate merchant account if you don’t want to.
  6. Excellent integration with Opencart using this extension or this one.
  7. Fees are similar to other payment processors except… remember… no monthly fee!
  8. It’s already used on hundreds of thousands of stores all over the world.
  9. It has beautiful documentation if you’re the kind of person who likes to read documentation.
  10. PCI Compliant

For a small investment of time and a few bucks for a good quality extension… you can be accepting credit cards on your very own Opencart store with Stripe in an afternoon. So you have nothing to lose. Give them a try! You might be pleasantly surprised on how well this processor works for you.

The payment processing industry has been shaken by this relative new comer to the space. They are forcing existing processors like and Paypal among others to improve their offerings or risk getting left behind. As usual, competition is a good thing for the consumer. So whether you choose to use Stripe or not, their very presence in this space will benefit you!