Pixogee is a member of the ExpressionEngine Pro Network

ExpressionEngine is considered by many web professionals to be one of the best CMS to develop on. It’s powerful, flexible, can be customized to fit exactly what a company needs and is affordable. In addition, the community of developers that have gathered around this powerful platform include many of the biggest names in web design and development.

ExpressionEngine (EE) is especially good for solutions that cannot fit into the mold of an existing CMS. Since the CMS makes no assumptions about the way you plan to use it, the developer is empowered with the freedom to design the system as he architects it. He can keep it very simple or add complexity to meet the requirements of the project. EE is like a pile of Legos that allow you to build pretty much anything you want as long as you have all the right pieces.

The founder of Pixogee was on the private beta test team for version 2 and is an alumni of the first officially endorsed EE training partner, Train-ee with Michael Boyink. We are also a proud member of the ExpressionEngine Pro Network which is comprised of a few select companies and individuals from around the world who are considered to be EE experts.

Pixogee has built numerous sites around this powerful tool and knows the system well. We have the expertise to offer a rock solid solution built on the foundation of this versatile CMS.


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