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E-Commerce is a broad subject and many newcomers can get lost in all the complexity. Do you have questions?

  • My e-commerce store has traffic but people aren’t buying. Why?
  • How can I increase sales on my existing store?
  • I need a store but where do I begin in the complex world of e-commerce?
  • I’m discouraged because I’m swimming in a mountain of research with thousands of opinions but no real answers. Can you help?

These questions and similar are what we handle every day. We have worked with several hundred e-commerce stores across the Internet that sell everything from designer clothing to beauty products, car parts and party supplies. We have more than 20 years working in the e-commerce industry using multiples platforms such as WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, Opencart, Magento, X-Cart, ClickCartPro, PrestaShop and more.

If you have any questions related to e-commerce or need some hand holding to make a few decisions, we’re happy and ready to help!

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E-Commerce Platforms

Which one should I choose?

What platform should I choose?

The best platform is the one that fits well with your stores products and specific niche. Since e-commerce platforms vary in their strengths, it’s best to get a solid understanding of the particular problems you’re aiming to solve before deciding on the foundation to use.

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We've worked on several hundred e-commerce stores using various platforms.

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If you have questions regarding e-commerce, we’re happy to help. Even if you don’t hire Pixogee as your specific provider, we can point you in the right direction.

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