Clients from Around the Globe!

Pixogee has worked with musicians, retailers, universities, doctors, lawyers, actors, auto dealerships, brokers, financial institutions, rental car agencies, multi-million dollar corporations and numerous small mom and pop shops operating out of their garage. Our clients come from every corner of the globe. We’re happy to discuss your business challenges and how they might be met with sound technology solutions built on solid platforms that stand up to today’s global business demands.

Our Background

Pixogee was founded primarily for the reason that we like to eat, sleep with a roof over our heads and pay a few bills from time to time… yeah… we’re weird that way! In order to accomplish those goals, we figured we better come up with a way to make a few dollars.

Back in 1997, when we were formulating the idea, there were not many web design or web development companies on the Internet. It occurred to us that many people and businesses would eventually want websites and in order to get one they would either consult some teenage whiz kid or call a professional agency. At the time, we were neither. Being well past our teenage years, we figured it was time to get busy becoming a professional web agency. Twenty years later and with thousands of projects under our belt… well, we think we’re getting there.

Over the years the web has changed in many ways. We remember the days before anyone heard of Google and Apple was on the verge of bankruptcy. Today, most established businesses already have a website so in many ways projects have changed in their focus. Instead of new sites, many businesses want to refresh an existing design or possibly refine their tools and processes so they can be more productive and profitable with less effort.

As the web has changed, so has the type of work we busy ourselves with. Much of our time is spent as consultants answering a wide range of questions and delivering relevant solutions to ever changing challenges. This journey has been fun, educational, tedious, frustrating, exhilarating and sometimes even profitable. Every project is unique and brings new challenges that require focused solutions.

We have a core belief about the services we render to our clients… that any solutions developed should ultimately make the clients life easier. Apple worked for years to develop a phone that had only one front facing button. It was a monumental task for Apple engineers but that effort paid off for the consumer. We make it our aim to develop solutions that are simple to use for the client and end-user.

That’s probably more information than you ever cared to know and if you made it this far… well, maybe, you might consider hiring our firm for a web specific project sometime soon. We don’t take on every project that comes our way. We’re fortunate that we can be a bit choosy when it comes to the work we do. However, we’ll give you an hour of our time to describe your needs and goals for the web. We’ll also give you an honest assessment of your project from our perspective. Maybe we’ll work together and maybe we won’t but at least we’ll enjoy a good cup o’ joe while we figure it out.

Meet Our Principals

T Carston Daubs
T Carston DaubsConsultant | Developer
TC became a nationally published author while still in grade school. He has been wreaking havoc on the web since 1997 using a plethora of tools and technologies.
Baldness 83%
Aversion to Bad Coffee 92%
Debby Lynn
Debby LynnAdministrator | Quality Assurance
Debby has a keen eye for detail. Her schooling began with business administration and today she keeps our office, records and processes in top notch shape!
Organization 96%
Administration 94%
Deja Vu
Deja VuCanine Extraordinaire
An office can never be more secure than ones having a full-time Lhasa Apso providing security. Why they were originally bred by Tibetan monks for this very purpose!
Barking at Strangers 89%
Enjoys Treats 99%

We Focus on Solutions to Your Challenges!

Every Project is Unique and Needs Its’ Own Custom Designed Solution

No two businesses are alike. The best way for us to help YOU is to determine your specific challenges and how they should be addressed.

Clean Design

We'll find the shortest path to success for your project!

Less is More

Simplicity is beautiful! We don’t believe in adding layers of complexity to a solution just to impress your or our peers.

Solid SEO Foundations

A presence on the Internet is often worthless without a steady stream of eyeballs.

Reaching the Crowd

Good SEO needs a solid foundation! Our solutions are built with the best current white-hat SEO techniques.


Designs that work on mobile, laptops, tablets and smart tvs.

Every Device Matters

Solid web solutions target all audiences no matter what type of device they find your business with.

Serving Clients Worldwide from our Operations in Southern California.

Let Us Take Your Online Presence to the Next Level!

Giving you freedom and focus to grow your business.